For property managers who manage one single location, the maintenance required to keep that property running smoothly and up to code can seem endless. It truly is a great deal of work. So now imagine the workload that comes with managing multiple properties. Between dealing with tenants, paperwork, and filling vacancies, property managers can easily become overwhelmed and fall behind on their property maintenance duties.

Scotia Commercial Services is ideal for property managers who manage several locations. We aim to provide you with an ‘All-in One’ property maintenance service. Debris removal, landscaping, snow removal, and much, much more. Would it not be nice to take all those invoices you receive monthly for services and trade that in for one invoice from one company? It’s a quite a bit easier to deal with one provider than two or three or seven. Not only will this save you valuable time but the job will be done with pride and you will receive the results you seek and deserve.

A pile up of tenant discards is unsightly and can be unsanitary. Piles of snow on your property’s (or properties’) driveways is at least an inconvenience and at worst, a danger to motorists and pedestrians alike. And you can’t have your properties looking dirty, grimy, or unclean. This is all a lot of work. Too much work for one property manager. So you’ll have to hire crews to get this work done for you swiftly, thoroughly, and at an affordable price.

But what sense does it make to hire one company to remove your waste, another to remove your snow and plough your driveways, and a third to come in and do the landscaping. Why hire three different companies (or more) to take care of your various property maintenance needs when you can hire just one? And what’s more, we at Scotia Commercial Services always do a thorough job. We don’t cut corners and we are always punctual. You can be sure you’ll get that snow or litter removed just when you need it gone, no later.

Reach out today for a quote on the maintenance of your property or properties. We have a long list of menu items you can choose from and multi-service and multi-location discounts that might be applicable to you and your properties. Whether you’d like a one time job or would prefer a contract with regularly scheduled visits, we can provide what you need.