Think of a parking lot. Envision it in your mid. It’s a pretty simply thing, right? Just a large slab of pavement. You have to have some lines on there so people know where to park their vehicles and all. But that’s more or less it right? Pretty simple.

Now let’s say you’re opening up or have just purchased a new property for commercial purposes. This property could be comprised of one or more residential units that you intend to rent out to tenants, or it could be a commercial property intended for retail businesses and/or offices. You’re probably focussed on a whole host of things.

You’re probably thinking about how to make sure that all the kitchen appliances work. About getting an electrician in to check all the wiring. Ensuring that all the plumbing works properly. Are the walls nicely painted? Is the floor clean and well installed? How about the lawn? The doors? The windows? Is everything good?

But where will people park? This is pretty important. And if it’s a retail or office property, you’ll need a great big parking lot. But you were so focussed on everything else, you forgot about the parking lot! Now all you have is a big slab of pavement on a big lot. That’s not good enough! You need lines painted to denote the parking spaces. But there’s not much time left before you’re set to open! What will you do? What kind of paint works on pavement? How wide is the average vehicle? How long? How do you make sure you are painting in straight lines? I bet you wish you hadn’t forgot about this and left it to the last minute.

Well the first thing you need to do is to not panic. The second thing to do is to call Scotia Commercial Services. We can take care of all your parking lot painting needs. And we can do it quickly, professionally, and affordably. We’re pros, so there’s no need to worry.

Scotia Commercial Services can accomplish all of your parking lot needs. Line painting can be done on short timelines with our reliable partners and staff taking care of all your needs. Need a refresh before spring/summer comes? Then please, don’t delay, request a quote today. We’d be happy to give you a quote and then get the job done quickly and professionally.