Of all the jobs that we do here at Scotia Commercial Services, pressure washing is one of the most rewarding. Watching powerful streams of water blast away years of dirt, grime, salt, or paint is quite satisfying. However, if you have ever pressure washed anything yourself, you know that it can get quite uncomfortable and even painful to operate such a powerful instrument for more than a couple of minutes. And you have to be careful with a pressure washer. You don’t really want a novice using a pressure washer around surfaces that could be delicate. Not to mention, not everybody has a pressure washer lying around their shed or storage closet. Let alone the top of the line, heated, mobile pressure washing unit that we at Scotia Commercial Services use.

Pressure washing is great for a number of jobs. Maybe you want to get your brick wall or wooden deck looking brand new again. A good pressure wash can clear off years of dirt and grime and leave a variety of surfaces looking bright, shiny, and brand new. Or maybe you wish to remove some old paint or your building has been the victim of some vandalizing. No worry, a quick pressure wash will get rid of that unwanted paint or marking. When you see the results that a good pressure washing can give your walkway, patio, building, or above or underground garage, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get it done long ago. It’s no exaggeration to say that a good pressure washing can leave a surface looking brand new.

With our heated, mobile pressure washing unit, Scotia Commercial Services can take on whatever size job you need done. Sidewalks, patios, building exteriors, commercial garages, we can pressure wash them all. Whether you want to get rid of all that salt left over from the winter months or you want to get some decking or a gazebo to look brand now by removing the grime and dirt from years of exposure to the elements, we can take care of it and have your property looking fresh for the spring or summer. Pressure washing services can be included into monthly property maintenance contracts, as well. If you’re thinking about getting one or more surfaces on one or more of your properties pressure washed, please request a quote today!