Cleaning the eavestroughs and gutters is one of those jobs that everyone forgets about until it becomes a problem. Next thing you know, you got water coming through your wall or a hole in your roof because a clogged eavestrough or gutter isn’t draining properly and all that water found somewhere else to go. And that this awful incident often coincides with a bad rainstorm doesn’t make the situation any more pleasant, that’s for certain.

And even if you do remember to clean your eaves and gutters before the situation becomes calamitous, it’s still no walk in the park. It takes a whole day or maybe two or three. You have to spend the whole time up on a ladder digging gunk and sludge out. It’s just no fun at all. And for just one person, it can seem an insurmountable amount of work. And on a big property, it might be too big a job for two or even three people.

So don’t bother with it any more! Leave this job to Scotia Commercial Services and we’ll have your eavestroughs and gutters clean and unobstructed whenever you need them to be. Whether it’s the traditional autumn cleaning you need to get all those leaves and twigs out of the eavestrough or if you would like a spring cleaning to get rid of whatever all that snow on your roof brought with it, we can do it for you. Do not put it off any longer and risk your eavestroughs and gutters becoming clogged, damaged, and possibly also damaging your roof, ceilings, and walls. That is definitely not something that you want to happen.

Just go ahead and set up eavestrough and gutter cleaning as part of your maintenance contract with Scotia Commercial Services and you’ll never have to worry about your eavestroughs or gutters again. Just one less job you need to think about. If you’re only looking for a one-time cleaning, that’s just fine, too. One-time jobs are available as well. So please submit a request for a quote and our courteous sales staff will have a custom quote for you drawn up right away.