New Service Offerings for 2018

It is now 2018. So we would like to begin by wishing a very Happy New Year from our families to yours! A new year offers many new things; many people make New Year’s Resolutions. We ourselves have made a resolution: to offer our great clients even more services to help with the maintenance and upkeep of their commercial properties. And we are happy to announce that we have already met our New Year’s Resolution! We now have new service offerings for our clients.

New services

In addition to our current services on offer, we have also added provisions for Line Painting, Eavestrough Cleaning, Power Sweeping and more! We are always thinking of new ways in which we can help our clients with their commercial properties. We decided that these were some of the additional jobs we can do to ease the burden on property managers in Ottawa and the surrounding communities.

Line painting

It’s easy for property managers and owners alike to overlook their parking lots. Let’s face it, the parking lot is rarely the most exciting component of a property. Nor should it be. But that does not mean that it is not important. Though it may not seem like it, a parking lot is a bit more complex than just a large slab of pavement. You need to paint the lines on that pavement so that cars know where to park.

Do you know the average length of an automobile? The average width? How to properly measure these and paint the lines straight? Which paint works best on asphalt? Do you want to spend the time to figure all of this out and then do it yourself? The answer to many of these questions, especially the last one, is probably no. So why worry about it? Leave the job to us and we can get those lines painted in short order.

Add a small section about spring touch ups…

Eavestrough cleaning

Cleaning out the gutters and eavestroughs is probably one of the least loved annual/semi-annual tasks for property managers and homeowners alike. So folks tend to put this job off. But that can be disastrous. Procrastinate a little bit and all those leaves and debris can cause a blockage in your eaves. Next thing you know, there’s a big rainstorm and you have water coming through your ceiling. Don’t let it get to that state. Give us a call and we’d be happy to come by and clean out your eavestroughs and gutters.

Power Sweeping

As mentioned before, parking lot maintenance is easy to overlook. But you do so at your peril. By letting debris pile up on your lot, you are jeopardizing the integrity and lifespan of that lot. Detritus, gravel, and litter can build up over time and act as an abrasive on the surface of the lot, wearing it down over time. And getting out there with a broom once or twice a week is time consuming, tiring, and not terribly efficient.

But at Scotia Commercial Services, we have a power sweeper to take on any size property.

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