100% Renewal Rates

When choosing a new provider for a service of some kind, it can be difficult to know who is your best option. Should you go with the company that offers the cheapest rates? Everybody likes to save money. Maybe the one with the most advertising? Clearly, they do enough business to be able to afford to advertise heavily. Or maybe just the first one you can think of, because you don’t want to spend that much time on it.

The telltale factor

Whether you’re choosing a caterer, a financial investment group, or a summer camp for your kids, one thing you should always look at (if you can) is the rate of repeat business. Do clients of these companies choose to give them their patronage again and again? If so, this is definitely a good sign. There is no clearer mark of customer satisfaction than a high renewal rate.

Renewal rates

For services that need to be renewed yearly or monthly, renewal rates are arguably the most important statistic. It shows that a company can be trusted and is well-liked.

Property managers are charged with maintaining safe, presentable, and well kept properties for their clients. This can be a lot of work, but finding a company that offers a multitude of services that all help toward the maintenance and upkeep of such properties makes things a lot easier. And if that company has a high renewal rate, all the better. A renewal rate of 75% is very good. It means three out of every four clients likes and approves of the service or services they receive. A renewal rate of 85 or 90% is spectacularly good.

Scotia Commercial Services

At Scotia Commercial Services, we are always looking ahead. We are always planning for the future. That’s why it is now, in the winter time, that we are planning our spring and summer. And as we begin to book landscaping services for the upcoming spring and summer seasons, we are proud to share that we have already met a 100% renewal rate from last years clients.

Yes, you read that correctly, one hundred percent. There’s not a single client we had in 2017 that wasn’t impressed enough by our services to ask us to come back in 2018. This tells us (and you) a lot about our company. We at Scotia Commercial Services are hardworking, professional, efficient, punctual, affordable, and above all else, we get the job done.

If you are searching for a reliable company to service your commercial needs, please call or email us. Let us know which service or services in which you are interested and we can schedule a walk through and provide you with your personalized quote. Our hands-on approach is the first step to satisfying your commercial needs, keeping your property immaculate and safe, and keeping your clients impressed and happy.

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