To look at a parking lot, road, or underground garage, we don’t think of it needing to be cleaned as we would our homes or our places of business. True, you don’t need to dust a parking lot or scrub it with disinfectant, but parking lots can accumulate a large amount of debris. You could either go out there once or twice every week with a broom and a trash bag. But that’s time consuming and more than a little unpleasant. And even then, you’re not likely to clean up all the finer bits of debris like gravel. So what should you do?

Power sweeping.

Power sweeping is a very convenient service of which property managers can avail themselves. Not only does power sweeping clean things up, it also prolongs the life of not only the pavement but also any drainage system associated with the lot or underground garage. Sand, gravel, dirt, oil, trash, and miscellaneous debris can all collect on the surface of parking lots and underground garages. All this debris is abrasive to the surface of the pavement and it can cause the pavement to deteriorate prematurely. And the more of this debris is in your lot, the more it gets dragged into your building on people’s shoes. And you don’t want that.

There are also environmental concerns about accumulated debris. Storm drains will catch runoff from dirty lots and this runoff will contain pollutants and materials that work their way into local waterways and storm systems. Routine power sweeping can prevent this added pollution present in stormwater runoff.

Ultimately whether it’s a road, a parking lot, underground garage–whatever your need– we at Scotia Commercial Services can sweep it. Our reliable partners and staff will take care of your power sweeping no matter how big or small a job it is. We have large sweepers to clean big plots of paved space as well as small sweepers that are perfect for getting into those small areas, especially in underground garages. Whatever the size of your lot or garage or the length of your road or driveway, we can take care of it. You can add power sweeping services as part of your maintenance agreement or you can avail yourself of our power sweeping services as an on request item. To get started, please don’t hesitate to request a quote today. You will find our quoted prices as affordable as you will find our service professional and complete.